1. You must send in your Entry Form, Release of Liability, and Proof of Insurance for any vehicle driven in the parade prior to the day of the parade.

2. The parade starts at 5 p.m.  Initial judging will commence at 3:30 pm Participants do not have to be on the floats at that time.  Judging will continue along the route.  Clowns, bands, dancing groups will be judged on route.


3. All vehicles in the parade must be decorated following the parade theme. This applies to all vehicles except official parade vehicles.


4. All entries except for the Bands must have a registration number to be picked up on arrival at the registration desk located at the west end of the St Lawrence Intermediate School.


5. Only the Santa Claus Parade Committee can invite Santa Claus. No other people dressed up as Santa Claus will be permitted in the parade.  This float will be sponsored by the City of Cornwall.


6. COMMERCIAL SIGNS are restricted to the skirt of the float for the name of the entry and sponsor only, with the exception of those already on vehicles used as floats or pulling floats.


7. Floats must depict the theme of the Christmas Parade. This is not the time or place to advertise your business or organization. The method to do that is to become a sponsor of the parade.


8. Maximum float height is 13 feet from the roadway.


9. For safety reasons each float must have a minimum of two people walking on each side of the float. The duty of the walkers is to make certain no one approaches the float or jumps on or off the float while it is moving.


10. Parade vehicles must stay in line and cannot circulate among the crowd. All vehicles must stay between 10 and 30 feet behind the vehicles directly ahead of them.


11. Dance or gymnastics routine will be limited to 30 seconds in duration per stop.


12. Horses used to ride or pull floats will not be allowed to participate without a “Designated clean-up person”.  


13. The consumption of any type of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is strictly prohibited, also no smoking on the floats. If any official of the parade detects impairment the person will be removed from the parade.


14. Parade line-up will be at the discretion of the Parade Marshall. The Parade Marshall(s) is in charge of the staging area on the day of the parade and will have the final decision on eligibility of entrants and control of the area. Anybody causing a disturbance or threatening volunteers can be asked to exit the property.  


15. Nothing of a political nature will be allowed in the parade.


16. A fire extinguisher must be accessible on all floats.


17. Each Organization, Group and Individual must carefully read, complete and sign the attached RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT and return it with the Entry Form. 


18. Organizations, Groups etc who belong to an Association or Individuals that maintain special insurance coverage for their activity, must provide Proof of Insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance in a minimum amount of 2M Dollars, liability for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, tenants legal liability and non-owned automobile liability, naming the Santa Claus Parade Committee and the Corporation of the City of Cornwall as Additional Insured’s including a cross-liability clause and (30) days of Notice of Cancellation.  The Proof of insurance & Release of Liability must be returned with the Entry Form. 


19. All floats are required to install a safety railing which can consist of a rope attached to wooden or metal posts.  The rope should be 32 to 36 inches in height.  


Should you require additional information or assistance please feel free to call Wendy or Terry Muir @ 613-362-3101.Visit our website @ or contact us at

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